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My name is Crina Salari, I am almost six years old, I was born and raised in Balti. At birth, I was diagnosed with Cytomegalovirus. I followed a treatment that doctors now believe affected my hearing, because at the age of six months my parents realized that I could not hear! In search of the correct diagnosis, I went to Russia and then to Ukraine. At the age of two, I went to Iasi, where I was diagnosed with moderate bilateral deafness. Initially, I was prescribed hearing aids for both ears, and for three years I lived with the hope that I could hear. I regularly went to a speech therapist for exercises to tone my face and tongue muscles. Unfortunately the hearing aids didn't help.

However, I have hope! I was consulted at a hospital in Bucharest, and now I know that I require cochlear implants - this is my only chance to hear and speak. I play with dolls, watch my favorite cartoon "Masha and the Bear", take care of my animals, kitten Masha and puppy Alisa (they take care of me too!), I spend time with my best friend, my younger brother Oleg. I go to kindergarten three times a week and love to paint the world in bright colors!

Now I am waiting for the surgery that will change my life and I really need your support. Help me to hear and be heard! Help me live like other children, in the world of sounds, in the world that I want to discover! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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