From the heart to Cristian Socican

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Name Tatiana Plescan
Age 17 years
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  • Name: Cristian
    • Surname: Socican
    • Age: 17
    • Diagnosis: Duchenne progressive muscular dystrophy
    • Required amount: 8980 euros
    • Treatment: Poland

A message from mother:

My name is Socican Silvia, I'm the mother of seventeen-year-old Cristian Socican, who at the age of 5 years was diagnosed with progressive muscular dystrophy.
Since Christian is the second child in a family with such a serious illness, the first son died at the age of 14, we immediately started the treatment. Three or four times a year we went to examinations, underwent various treatments and rehabilitations. We have always looked for information about children with this diagnosis, hoping to find somewhere a more effective treatment to save my only son.

Incidentally, in 2016, we found a clinic in Poland, specializing in such diagnoses. I contacted them, as a result of a conversation with a doctor, after a while we were invited for treatment.

We really want to go there, but we are stopped by a shortage of money. A trip to Poland is a chance for Cristian to recover and live a normal life. Our family has a modest income, I am a social worker, and my husband is a disabled person of the second group, who has a seasonal job. Almost all the money that we manage to save, we spend on drugs and rehabilitation for our son.

We ask all of you for help so that our son can enjoy life!

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