From the heart to Cristian Vidru

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Age 24 years
Amount required 47,000 Euro

A message from his relatives:
Vidru Cristian is a 24-year-old young man from the Calarasi district, Horodiste village.
Four years ago, he was diagnosed with an incurable disease: "multiple sclerosis", a disease that can not be completely cured, but we have a chance to stop it and avoid him ending up in a wheelchair.
However, he needs to undergo treatment abroad, which costs a lot, 47,000 euros, a sum that is huge for our family.

Dear people of goodwill, we ask you to help us by making a small donation and to give this young man a chance for life, because we must be kind whenever possible and help each other whenever we can!
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Campaign began in 28 March 2022
In how many days was collected 615
Created P CaritateMD
Region raionul Călărași, s. Horodiște
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