From the heart to Anghelina Nita 2

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A message from her mother:

On August 27, 2019, our daughter Angelina Nita , who at that time was 17 years old, was hit by a car at a pedestrian crossing in Tiraspol. Our daughter received a severe craniocerebral injury, as well as a multi-fragmented double fracture of both bones of the left leg. Angelina was struggling to survive for 3 months. We express our gratitude to the doctors for saving our daughter's life! From August 2019 to January 2020, we underwent treatment in various medical institutions, rehabilitation in Romania, where her condition improved. Afterwards, she was hospitalized for 3 times at the Center "Neokinetica" to undergo rehabilitation. The services of this center and expensive treatment were paid for thanks to KIND PEOPLE and the Foundation and for that we are immensely grateful! In March 2020 our daughter could not practically do anything, even hold her head, but now, thanks to the rehabilitation in the above mentioned center, as well as due to daily home courses with a kinetic therapist and speech therapist, our daughter sits in an armchair, reads, writes, eats on her own, uses a mobile phone, communicates through social networks. Now, additional funds are required to undergo further rehabilitation, but our family, unfortunately, has exhausted all its financial possibilities. Therefore, we ask all people of goodwill to help our only daughter!

Angelina has a strong character, she does not give up, and every day she fights for her future!

Please help Angelina return to a normal life!

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