From the heart to Cristian Vieru

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Name Cristian Vieru
Age 25 years
Amount required 46,000 Euro

A message from parents:

Our family has a huge request to all people of goodwill. Our son, Cristian Vieru, was diagnosed with cancer of lymphatic system, in aggressive form. He is now hospitalized in a hospital in the city of Brescia, Italy. After several chemotherapy sessions, the doctors told us that he requires a stem cell transplant. Unfortunately, the sum for this procedure is very high, we do not have these kind of money, but our son’s life is in danger. Please help us save our boy. With great pain and tears in our eyes, we ask you to join us in this struggle that is too difficult for us. We are desperate because of our son’s illness, and financial difficulties further aggravate the situation.

Thank you very much for any assistance!

Campaign began in 10 July 2019
In how many days was collected 469
Created P CaritateMD
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Anonymous donation 21 Oct, 2020 10:12
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croitor Marina 16 Oct, 2020 12:34
500 MDL
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200 MDL
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35 EUR
Sănătate Cristian! Daca va pot ajuta scrieți-mi pe adresa
Anonymous donation 25 May, 2020 23:22 22
25 EUR
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