From the heart to Cristina Chiver

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Update 03/06:

Dear friends, today Cristina was hospitalized and she will undergo her first surgery... We hold our fists and sincerely hope that a miracle will happen to this young mother... From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for your quick assistance, this family thanks you from the bottom of their hearts, for your help, kind thoughts, prayers and support. At this point, her husband has informed us that the final amount for the second surgery is unknown. After consulting the doctors, we will know for sure the course of treatment. In the meantime, the family asks us for further support, because there is a second surgery followed by treatments, rehabilitation, and Cristina really needs our help. We thank you for caring, we thank you that today Christina has a chance to recover and raise her children ... We pray for her and ask you from the bottom of our hearts to continue helping this mother, this father and these two children... These days human kindness gave them hope and strength to fight for Cristina's life. 

P.S The amount for the treatment is approximate, we are waiting for the final cost from the hospital. 

A message from Cristina’s husband: 

I am writing to you with tears in my eyes and I ask you to help my wife and our 3-year-old twins, who really need their mother. For several months now, my wife, Cristina Chiver has been struggling with a merciless illness. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer. My wife has a chance to be saved, but it costs a lot of money. We are grateful to all of you, but now we are on the verge of despair, our children have not smiled for several months, they know that their mother has health problems and they try to remain calm so that mommy does not get worse ... The only thing I want is to see my wife healthy and our children smiling again, for them to have a happy childhood next to their parents. I ask you from the bottom of my heart to help us, we cannot afford the expenses and now every lei counts. 

Thank you very much. 

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