From the heart to Cristina Lungu

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Age 30 years
Amount required 12,400 Euro

A message from Christina: 

My name is Cristina Lungu (Ceacîr) and I am 30 years old. 

Merciless Cancer wants to take me away from my children who are 4 and 7 years old, it wants to take me away from my family... 

Two years after I was diagnosed with breast cancer, it spread further, affecting the entire body. At the moment, I have been diagnosed with multiple liver metastases. Wanting to escape from the clutches of cancer, I handed over my medical records to doctors abroad. I appeal to everyone who knows me, as well as to all people with kind hearts for support! 

Please help me survive, to be able to hug my little ones who need my love and comfort. 

P.S. The sum is indicated only for one stage of treatment. The cost of treatment can be changed based on the invoice received from the family.

Campaign began in 21 January 2023
In how many days was collected 7
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Multă sănătate!!!
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