From the heart to Cristina Munteanu

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Name Christina Munteanu
Age 35 years
Amount required 42,000 US Dollar
Diagnostic Brain tumor

A message from friends:

Greetings to you. Cristina Munteanu is a young woman who deserves to enjoy life and deserves a chance at life!
Christina was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor that is severely affecting her health, so she urgently requires a surgery abroad. The surgery is very expensive for her and her family - $ 42,000. Now time is very important for her, 21 days or 3 weeks before the surgery are crucial.
Her family is desperate, but together we can save her. Any help is appreciated and we wholeheartedly appeal to all kind people to support us!!!
A good deed is rewarded three times! Donate and you will be rewarded!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you will definitely be rewarded!!!

Campaign began in 28 May 2021
In how many days was collected 268
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Doamne ajuta!
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28 May, 2021

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