From the heart to David Ciubuc

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A message from his mother: 

Greetings to all people of goodwill! My name is Vera, I have a little boy called David, he is 4 months old. Everything was fine, he developed well and the doctors could not help but praise our baby. One day we noticed that one eye looks strange when the light flashes and we decided to consult an ophthalmologist. To be honest, then I didn’t even think that our life would be divided into before and after ... We were examined by a huge number of doctors and diagnosed with retinoblastoma. This is a retinal tumor that occurs in children under three years of age. Both of his eyes were affected. The whole family was in shock! In a week, our world turned upside down .. I can’t convey to you my feelings at that moment, I don’t want any mother or family to experience that. My baby has a chance to live, but he can only be helped in Germany. We are an ordinary, modest family and we don’t have the money required for the treatment. I appeal to all people who can lend us a helping hand. Only with your help, my boy has a chance. It’s hard when someone gets sick, but when a tiny baby has a tumor, at the beginning of his life, it’s simply beyond words. Please help us. 

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