From the heart to David Duscov - 2

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Hello, my name is Doina, and once again I am forced to ask for help, in order to save our child. My son, David, urgently requires a head surgery, when after examinations it was discovered that he has a tumor. This is the second fight for his life and we are very tired. David is an extraordinary boy who loves life, but he is going through very difficult times. The tumor is growing every day, and we must undergo an urgent surgery. Unfortunately, the situation is even more complicated, because we don't have teh necessary funds to go for treatment abroad and to save the child. People of good will, people with a kind hearts, I beg you, help us, the tumor is growing, my boy's life is in great danger, and it costs us a lot. You are our only chance and hope. Please, I ask you as a mother, help us with any donation, they now mean life to us.

Thank you very much!

Campaign began in 16 December 2019
In how many days was collected 96
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14 Jan, 2020

Dragii nostri, David a suportat cu bine operatia la cap. Acum urmeaza reabilitarea si speram din suflet ca Davidus sa se intoarca acasa perfect sanatos.

Va multumim ingeri pazitori pentru o viata salvata. David cu mama va cuprinde si va multumeste pana la cer si inapoi pentru sprijinul si Rugaciunile noastre.


16 Dec, 2019

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