From the heart to Delia Tulei

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A message from the mother:

My daughter was born prematurely at 33 weeks of pregnancy through an emergency caesarean section. A few hours after birth, Delia experienced asphyxia. She was intubated for artificial lung ventilation, which she used for 3 weeks. During this time, Delia's heart stopped twice, she couldn’t eat even when connected to a feeding tube, her mouth didn't accept either formula milk or anti-reflux solutions, nothing. From birth until discharge, we went through a long period in the neonatal intensive care unit, intensive therapy unit, and later in the premature infants' unit for rehabilitation. After discharge, the girl frequently developed pneumonia. At birth, the doctors told me she wouldn't survive even a day, but Delia is a true fighter. She deserves all the best in the world, the right to grow and develop like any other ordinary child, to have a happy childhood, to play and laugh with other kids.

Until now, we have faced many difficulties, tears, pain, and suffering. Now Delia undergoes kinetotherapy, massage, she goes to the pool, and does everything necessary to achieve at least some satisfactory results. In the summer of 2022, a head examination was performed using magnetic resonance imaging, which revealed cysts in her brain that she still has, as well as nerve atrophy in her right eye. We didn't take any action and continued with kinetotherapy, hoping that as the child grows, the cysts would disappear and she would develop, albeit with delays. However, after another MRI of the head, no changes were detected. Therefore, Delia requires surgery in Turkey to remove the cyst located in the back of her head, on the right side. Due to this cyst, Delia cannot sit, crawl, or walk. So far, we have had numerous expenses, and we turned a blind eye to any amount, but this operation requires a tremendously high sum that is beyond our means.

That's why we have reluctantly made the decision to seek help from all kind-hearted people who can help Delia.

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In how many days was collected 43
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