From the heart to Denis Chirnev

1,852 USD Of the 18,975 required
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Name Denis Chirnev
Age 1 years
Amount required 18,975 US Dollar
Diagnostic Brain tumor

People of goodwill, a half year old baby who is in a very difficult situation requires your urgent support. Little Denis risks losing his life if he does not undergo emergency surgery. Unfortunately, the surgery is very difficult and very urgent. The doctors told us that the surgery cannot be performed in our country, and the baby's life depends on $ 18,975 ... We ask you from the bottom of our hearts to help us save Denis's life, to mobilize as quickly as possible, because time flies and it is to the detriment of his life.. Donate at least 5-10 lei, share this story, do a good deed, before it is too late to save this child, who wants and deserves to live ..
Thank you all for your support.

Campaign began in 16 July 2021
In how many days was collected 18
Created P CaritateMD
Category Social
Anonymous donation 3 Aug, 2021 09:25 49
1,000 MDL
Anonymous donation 2 Aug, 2021 23:27 44
10 EUR
Sandu Luca 2 Aug, 2021 20:22 8
300 MDL
Alexandr Rudenco 2 Aug, 2021 11:46 157
150 MDL
Anonymous donation 1 Aug, 2021 13:43 17
319 MDL
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3 Aug, 2021
16 Jul, 2021

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