From the heart to Dinara Gandrabura 2

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A message from mother:

Many of you know my daughter, my little fighter, who won the battle with the disease from the first days of her life, and the fact that she reached this age is your merit, DEAR DONORS ... And if at first it seemed that we had defeated the disease and everything was ok, watching the growth and development of the child, I realized that life prepared us for another unexpected struggle. After previous examinations that we made abroad, everything went well ... until we made another one, when the girl was 3 years old. Here the doctors had several questions, as suspicious and unclear sequences in the development of the child were discovered. We had a lot of expenses, and now we are waiting for other ones that we can not cope with. We have to undergo another thorough examination ... I’m even afraid to think about it ... and I think I will be understood by hundreds of mothers who were in this situation .....YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT TOMORROW BRINGS YOU ... After we won the battle with the disease in 2017, every month I made donations for those who urgently required support, because I know what it means to have a sick little girl and to require a huge amount of money to save my child. However, today, I have to ask for your help once again, in order to continue the examinations recommended by doctors ... I ask all people of goodwill and those who supported us for the first time, to make another donation and help my Dinara overcome this difficult moment in her life ... Once again, we need your compassion and support.

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