From the heart to Elena Isac

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Name Ala Popa
Age 10 years
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Hello! My name is Ala from Anenii Noi district, Botnarestii Noi village. My little girl's name is Elena Isac and she was diagnosed with multiple metastatic liver cancer. In early 2009, she was diagnosed with liver adenoma and this year the disease began to progress. In March, she underwent surgery with biopsy and as a result was discovered that she has liver cancer with multiple metastases. Since then, we have undergone a course of chemotherapy, but, unfortunately, the disease continues to progress. Please help me save my child. She is only 10 years old. We must go to Turkey for investigations. The amount is 4000 euros, after which they will decide what treatment Lena should follow. I have high hopes and I believe that my little girl has a chance to recover and I think that everything will be fine. We cannot afford this sum of money so we ask for your assistance. Every day we face difficulties, but we try to overcome them. Please, help us go to investigations, because for my little girl every minute is precious. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Campaign began in 14 October 2017
In how many days was collected 465
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Dragi ingeri pazitori, frumoasa Lenuta, a avut ieri o zi foarte grea pentru ea, dar si pentru familie. Micutei i s-a facut transplant de ficat cu succes. Acum micuta se simte mai bine, dar lupta ei pentru viata continua, si aceasta sansa de a lupta este datorita Dvs, datorita lucrurilor frumoase si faptelor de suflet care le oferiti acestor suflete necajite. Faptul ca Elena Isac, micuta care lupta din toate puterile pentru viata, este al vostru scumpii nostri. Va multumim cu plecaciune pentru ca astazi micuta a primit sansa de lupta si de a invinge. Ramane sa ne rugam pentru ea si sa se intoarca acasa sanatosica. Multumim din suflet pentru destine schimbate!


10 Nov, 2017

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