From the heart to Elena Stratanenco 2

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Name Elena Stratanenco
Age 23 years
Amount required 16,010 Euro
Treatment Belgium
Diagnostic Myositis

A message from Elena:

People of goodwill, first of all I want to thank you for your support that gives me the strength to fight for my life. After examinations in Belgium, I finally got the correct diagnosis - myositis with a clearly defined plan. The words that I heard, “THE DISEASE CAN BE TREATED” made me very happy, these were the words that I dreamed of hearing after so many years of pain and suffering. Unfortunately, time is running fast and as a foreign citizen, I just received the estimated cost of treatment. I am ashamed, but once again I am forced to ask for your help, because I have no one else to turn to. First I need to stay in the hospital for 3 months, where I will undergo intensive treatment plus physiotherapy. It’s hard to put up with the thought that you are sick and cannot fight your illness on your own ... the costs that I have to bear are too high for me, since I can’t even work. After all these years of searching, I wholeheartedly hoped that I would have a chance to save my life. I found it ... but it costs a lot, it's beyond my possibilities and I beg you to help me get well.

Thank you very much for any assistance!

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Scumpa mea fii puternica si ai incredere in tine !
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