From the heart to Estera Oboroc Dragomir

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A message from Estera:
My dear comrades, friends, acquaintances, now, more than ever, I require your total support!!! Two years ago, I had an accident caused by my ex-husband and ended up in a wheelchair. Since then, for me and my child, life has become a real struggle. But in June and July I was in Russia, where, after examinations and analyzes, I received wonderful news for me, the hope that one day I will begin to live a normal life. The spinal injury is not total, there are nerves left, so I have the opportunity to install an epidural stimulator that will help me gradually get out of the wheelchair. Of course, a lot of physiotherapy procedures are needed, but this is my chance and only with your support, I will be able to raise money for the surgery. They are expecting me at the end of September, but only if I manage to raise these 3 million rubles. I ask for your help, to make my dream of walking again come true, to be able to raise my child, who wholeheartedly wishes his mother to walk again and enjoy the beauties of this life!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Campaign began in 13 August 2021
In how many days was collected 357
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