From the heart to Evghenii Vladiuc

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A message from his wife:
Greetings, people of good will. I sincerely ask you to help me save my sick husband. He has been diagnosed with a tumor... We fight for his life every day, and our dream, mine and my children, who are 11 and 3 years old, is not to lose our dad. Unfortunately, now we are in despair, and all our hope is the Holy Lord and faithful people, with kind hearts. Please help me save my husband. We don't want to lose him, we can't imagine life without him... They are waiting for us in Turkey for tests, examinations that will give us a chance to fight and a chance to live. I sincerely ask you to lend us a helping hand, during this period we spent all our savings and we have no money left even for examinations. I am desperate, with two children and a sick husband, we are simply not able to fight on our own.

Thank you very much for all your support and may God bless you.

Campaign began in 14 March 2022
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