From the heart to Gabriela Negruta

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A message from Gabriela:
I am writing these lines as a cry for help to all people of good will. I know and have personally been convinced countless times that God acts through people.
My name is Gabriela Negruta, I am from the Republic of Moldova and I am 18 years old. A year ago I was diagnosed with cancer of the lymphatic system (Hodgkin's lymphoma) in stage 4. However, I am sure that the disease was present in the body for a very long time, because I had all the symptoms since childhood. Later, when I was studying at the Lyceum, my condition worsened, I underwent 4 surgeries (on the ear, nose, tonsils and the last one, when my lymph node was taken out for biopsy), then I had symptoms such as nosebleeds, lack of energy, etc. No doctor has understood the root cause of these symptoms.
Already in January, God sent a man to me, who suggested what kind of illness I had, and sent me to an oncological center. That's how it all started ... chemotherapy, depression, hair loss, side effects that were ruining my health.
But I understand it is not so easy to achieve absolute happiness. I went abroad and underwent PET-CT analysis, underwent one treatment, I did 2 chemotherapy sessions + stem cell transplant, everything was fine and the doctors told me I can go home. However, from the very beginning they warned me that there is a risk of relapse. I went home, but after a month my condition worsened. I had many side effects, I did not understand what was happening to me, some of them I still feel today. Every day my condition was getting worse, I could hardly move, so my mother helped me dress and undress, sometimes even fed me, because I did not have the strength to hold a spoon in my hand. It was a period of prayers and tears. This is how I spent the winter holidays.

Having heard all this, the doctors who treated me abroad urgently called us back to make another  PET-CT. They suspected that something went wrong. Some survey results came back. They weren't good. With a trembling voice, the translator told us that we require another chemotherapy session and another transplant. But this time it will be from a donor, which increases the cost of treatment and reaches more than 105 thousand dollars.

This is a huge sum of money, and I understand that it will be difficult to raise it, but nothing is impossible. I have been convinced so many times that God acts through people and I believe with all my heart that we will succeed.
Please help me this time as well. I want to live. I know God doesn't want to hurt me, but I have to go through all this, I just have to. And I will live through this  - sometimes with my head up, sometimes through tears and pain, but this is my path.

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