From the heart to Galina Șapoșnicova

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Age 50 years
Amount required 40,000 Moldova Lei

A message from Galina:

Greetings, people with kind hearts, my name is Galina, and I am a disabled person of Group I. I spent my entire childhood in an orphanage, and now I am at a social care center for disabled people in northern Moldova. I have a huge request for you to help me make my life easier and have the opportunity to go outside more often. An electric wheelchair has been my dream for decades, but I cannot afford it; it is very expensive for me. I am writing this letter with great hope that one day I will be able to fulfill my dream of having my own electric wheelchair and enjoy life. If you are reading these lines, I beg you from the bottom of my heart to help me. I will be very grateful for any donation, for any support.

Thank you!

Campaign began in 2 October 2023
In how many days was collected 69
Created P CaritateMD
Region R. Drochia
Category Social
Anonymous donation 5 Dec, 2023 21:44 12
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✌️2 Suit$ :( cu complemente de la Ace of BasE
Anastasia Cucuruz 2 Dec, 2023 11:14 19
10 USD
Să vă fie de folos!
Mihail Sitnic 1 Dec, 2023 19:45 424
970 MDL
SMS Moldcell 27 Nov, 2023 16:00
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SMS Moldcell 27 Nov, 2023 16:00
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