From the heart to grandma Anastasia

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Dear friends, grandma Anastasia is 81 years old and she has worked as a doctor for 35 years. Old age is difficult, but when people lack the basic commodities, it becomes even harder and they suffer a lot. We visited grandma Anastasia and found out that she is bedridden, her daughter is taking care of her 24/24 and it is very difficult for her to cover the daily expenses. This is an extraordinary woman who told us how much she loved being a doctor, and who now, at this age, goes through a lot of difficulties. She requires various household objects, but most of all she and her grandchildren want to have a washing machine and a refrigerator. House repairs are also required, but they cost a lot of money, and the grandmother's pension is only enough to buy food. We ask you from the bottom of our hearts to help them acquire these objects and make life easier for an old person who is struggling to cope with all the life difficulties.

Thank you for any help!

Campaign began in 12 July 2019
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