From the heart to Igor Cupet

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A message from Mr. Igor:

Dear people and close friends with kind hearts! In these difficult moments, I really need your support. In 1984, while working on a construction site in Moscow, I had an accident and my right leg was amputated. Several surgeries followed and I moved on to the next stage of my life: at the age of 21 I started to use a prosthesis in order to be able to move around, to lead an active lifestyle. In 1985 I returned to Chisinau, where I became an indefinite CREPOR patient (prosthetic plant). Unfortunately, the prosthesis that I purchased in that period is totally archaic, primitive, from a technical point of view, it does not allow me to lead an active lifestyle, on the contrary, it is completely inconvenient to use, it can cause various external wounds, which heal with difficulty. Using this prosthesis brings me only pain and tears, I don't enjoy it at all! My pension is 1720 lei a month and a new, better prosthesis can make my life easier. I ask you from the bottom of my heart, physical and juridical persons, please help in any way you can to make my dream come true - to have a comfortable leg prosthesis.

Thank you!
May God give health and prosperity to you and your loved ones!

With deepest respect to all people of goodwill, Cupet Igor Mihail.

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