From the heart to Ilia Zagorodnov

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A message from his mother: 

Greetings, my name is Valentina, I am the mother of a wonderful boy, whose name is Ilyusha. We are forced to turn to you, generous people with kind hearts, for support. You are our last hope! 

God helps us through people that surround us and this is true!!!

Our life changed over three years ago when we met a beautiful child, who at that time was only 1 year and 9 months old. When our eyes met, we realized that he was part of our family. Unfortunately, Ilyusha was an orphan, with many physical problems. He was born with a pathology (anus atresia). The child had a stoma for almost two years. When he was 2 years old, we closed the stoma. At that time, Ilyusha underwent 5 surgeries on the intestines. Due to prolonged anesthesia and lots of antibiotics, he completely lost his hearing. However, in 2020, Ilyusha received a Cochlear implant. Finally, he was able to hear and we were very happy.

But after the next, sixth surgery with general anesthesia, the boy started to have seizures and heart problems (cardiac arrhythmia). He started to lose consciousness, the seizures were more and more often ..., and he had several cardiac arrests. His heartbeat was restored with a defibrillator. It is impossible to describe how terrible it is to see a baby, who is just starting to walk on his own, who has just started to discover this world and endures such unbearable pain... Having passed the examinations, it was decided to undergo an urgent surgery and to install a Cardioverter Defibrillator, otherwise Ilyusha cannot survive... You cannot undergo such a surgery in Moldova so we contacted various clinics in different countries of the world, and received a response from the Cardiology Center Almazov in St. Petersburg. They are ready to receive us and perform an implantation surgery. Unfortunately, the required amount is too big for our family. We can not afford to pay for the surgery without your help.. Please, we ask you from the bottom of our hearts to help us raise the necessary sum of money. We are afraid of losing this boy, without whom we simply cannot imagine our life. 

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