From the heart to Ilie Colesnic

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Name Dociu Irina
Age 6 years
Amount required 103,800 Moldova Lei

Surname: Colesnic
Last Name: Ilie
Required Assistance: rehabilitation after a fall from the second floor
Estimated required amount: 103800 lei
Treatment: Moldova

A message from mother:

Good AfternoonToday, I want to share with you a story that happened in my family. My son Ilie was 3 years old. He was always a cheerful and nimble kid, always active and curious. On August 29, 2016, an accident turned our life upside down - Ilie, leaning on a mosquito net, fell out of the window from the 2nd floor. It was a usual day, we were preparing to go for a walk, but this walk never happened. Ilie was taken to hospital and he fell into a coma for 18 days. Forecasts were not comforting. No one knew if he could survive. The injuries were serious: concomitant craniocerebral injury, contusions of the internal organs, broken ribs. Also, when trying to administrate one of the drugshe had serious kidney problemsEventually, Ilia managed to surviveAfterwards, the most difficult period followed: the rehabilitation. For a long time he hadconvulsions and he practically couldn’t sleep at night. From a three-year-old boy, he turned into a baby who cannot hold his head, cannot turn over, sit, stand, hold objects orwalk... With great efforts and with the help of his relatives, Ilie began to get better. Was affected and the capacity of the right side (eye, arm, foot) has been completely impaired. If he can coordinate with his left hand and foot, take a toy or a cookie in his hand, lift his leg and move it, on the right side everything is much more complicated. As specialist in exercise therapy told us: “The body is fully ready to start moving, muscles are ready to walk, but there is no signal from the brain.” At the moment, we have already completed several rehabilitation courses.

He tries to inform others about his needs, utters certain sounds and performs certain actions if he requires something. Steadily holding on, it became much easier to hold him in the arms. He is trying to sit on his own, though not for long. He made many new sounds and even said the word “mama”!!! This is a huge victory for us. We are insanely happy and grateful to everyone who helped us. But for Ilie this is just the middle of the way. To achieve resultswe need to continue the rehabilitation process. But unfortunately, our financial resources are exhausted. This is why we ask all people of goodwill to help us. Help our son to become a fully-fledged, healthy child again!! He still remembers how to do it all, without any help, he still remembers how to eat, run, play.

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