From the heart to Ioana-Jana Vasilieva

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Name Ioana-Jana Vasilieva
Age 61 years
Amount required 35,000 Euro
Treatment Germany
Diagnostic Orthopedic pathology

A message from friends:

Mrs. Ioana is the president of the Society for the Disabled in the Straseni district. For 30 years she has been working hard and her efforts have always brought results. This wonderful woman offers humanitarian assistance to all people with disabilities, because she is a responsible person, and is always ready to help. Young people with disabilities are asking her for advice and support whenever necessary. Thanks to her efforts, 34 young people with disabilities study in professional schools in Chisinau. She is a sincere, honest person, a true professional who does her job with all her heart. She is able to overcome the difficulties that she faces daily, but now mrs. Ioana needs our help. During her life, she underwent more than 20 surgeries. Now, in Germany, she requires an implant for knee prosthesis, which costs a lot of money. Any contribution, any help will give her a chance to get rid of the daily pains that she had experienced for years.

Thank you for any support!

Campaign began in 27 January 2020
In how many days was collected 129
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SMS Moldcell 3 Jun, 2020 17:00
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