From the heart to Ion Costiuc

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Name Daniel
Age 6 years
Amount required 25,320 US Dollar

• Last Name: Costiuc
• Surname: 
• Age: 6 
• Diagnosis: deep bilateral deafness.
• Required Amount: US $ 25,320
• Treatment: Russia

A message from mother:
Hello, my name is Christina and I have a 6-year-old son who at the age of two was diagnosed with deep bilateral deafness. We really want to do the surgery as soon as possible, because our only chance is a cochlear implant, but unfortunately, because it costs so much, we have constantly postponed it. We live in Russia and tried to get a residence permit here, but, unfortunately, every time we were refused. That is why we decided to turn to all kind people and ask for your support. 
Ion does not react to sounds or voices, he is a beautiful child, but it hurts me so much when I think that he still hasn’t heard my voice. We have learned the costs of a cochlear implant, it is very expensive and we are desperate. We ask you from the bottom of our hearts to help us, we really want our child to hear us.

Thank you for your help and  for the hope that you give us!

Campaign began in 19 November 2018
In how many days was collected 464
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Cu ajutorul ingerilor påzitori.
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Din intima pt acest copilaș!Dumnezeu sa va ajute !
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