From the heart to Iosif Neghina 2

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Age 5 years
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A message from his mother:

Greetings to all people of goodwill. My name is Violetta, I am the mother of a little boy named Iosif. He is only five years old, and in March he received a very serious, unexpected diagnosis: ADRENOLEUKODYSTROPHY.

 Until recently, Iosif was a cheerful, playful, talkative boy, he was absolutely healthy. But since December 2020, everything has changed. Iosif’s health deteriorated very fast. Six months have passed and in that short time, he lost his sight, speech, and the ability to walk. Unfortunately, it was too late to undergo stem cell transplant surgery, the disease progressed very quickly, because it is a degenerative illness. I’m in a lot of pain and I still can’t believe that our baby no longer walks and he cannot even tell me “MOM”. My child is now behaving like a newborn baby.

Now the situation has stabilized a little, and we continue to fight for his life. Rehabilitation gymnastics, speech therapist - all this would help us a lot.

With faith in God, we don’t lose our hope and I want to ask you to help us get this much-needed verticalizer to continue our struggle for life.

May God bless you.


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