From the heart to Iulia Malcautan

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A message from her father: 

My daughter is only 11 years old and she faces unbearable health problems. One terrible morning, her life changed 180 degrees. One morning the girl woke up and was vomiting. She was very ill, we were baffled and after that she lost consciousness. I called the doctors, they saw the situation and immediately took her to the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital, she started to vomit blood. 

Iulia had a happy childhood. She went to school, attended drawing classes, played with friends and loved to go out with her family, but the disease changed her lifestyle. The doctors in Chisinau cannot perform surgeries that would help her, so we started to look for treatment abroad. 

“Doctors from Balti recommended that we go to Chisinau. In Chisinau the doctors stopped the bleeding on the first day, but on the second day it started again, the girl turned pale and lost half of her blood. After examinations on all sorts of devices, after we passed all the necessary tests, the doctors discovered that we had not one problem, but seven, and the main problem is that the blood can not reach the liver,” Alexandru Malcautan added. 

For two months, Iulia no longer attends school and drawing lessons. Doctors forbade her any physical activity and recommended a diet that she follows strictly. Doctors found that at the age of 11, Iulia had ulcer, anemia, portal hypertension, and other diseases that worsened her health even more. On February 6, the Malcautan family is expected in Moscow, but the sum required for treatment is too high. 

The surgery is very expensive, for us it is a very large amount that we cannot afford. I ask you from the bottom of my heart to help me see my baby girl healthy. 

P.S. The sum  is approximate and may change over time, it refers only to the first stage of treatment, and the final amount will be known after thorough examinations. 

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