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From the heart to Laura Vulpe

18,145EUR donated from 16,800 EUR
36 in how many days was collected
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Campaign began in 30 January 2019

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From the heart to Laura Vulpe

Last Name: Vulpe
Name: Laura
Diagnosis: kidney transplant
Required amount: 16800 Euro
Treatment: Turkey

A message from mother:

Hello, my name is Mariana Vulpe, and my daughter requires a kidney transplant. When I was pregnant, I was hospitalized, then I underwent a course of bloodcleansing, and after Laura was born, just a month later, she underwent a surgery on her left kidney. It was scary to see how my child, just one month after birth,underwent a complex surgery. Unfortunately, the kidney works only for 20%, and my child urinates through the stoma. We underwent a series of tests and were told that the only chance is a kidney transplant. I beg all people of goodwill to help me cure my daughter, I really want her to know what a real childhood is, and not experience pain and suffering at such an early age. Our financial resources are limited and the costs are very high. I will be grateful for any donation and I ask you from the bottom of my heart to help save my daughter.

Thank you!

UPDATE, 14 March 2019:

Dragii nostri, plecaciuni pentru donatiile si sprijinul oferit micutei Laura. Mamica va multumeste.

Acum asteptam ca parintii sa ne ofere informatie unde vor pleca pentru operatie , pentru a putea face transferul la clinica respectiva.

Multumim cu plecaciune ingeri pazitori!

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