From the heart to Laurentiu Сartasev

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A message from boy’s mother:

Greetings, people of good will. 

My name is Veronika, I am a mother in despair and my despair grows day by day as I see how my only 7-year-old son, Laurentiu, suffers from a merciless disease, called cancer. I can't believe my eyes and I can't accept that I've already lost the fight with this terrible illness. Seven months ago, his leg was amputated, but we were shocked that the tumor was discovered in his lungs as well. There were  metastases, which, meanwhile, multiplied and increased in size, despite many chemotherapy sessions. 

My son is a cheerful boy, always with a smile on his face, but I know that he is suffering a lotб I cannot describe it and it is all very frustrating. For more than a year now, we have been spending more time in the hospital than at home, where Laurentiu has to endure an aggressive treatment process and the lack of a peaceful childhood. It's hard for me to see how he withdraws into himself and the look in his eyes is full of sadness and despair. 

As our doctor recommended, we decided to start looking for treatment in foreign clinics, but most of them were pessimistic, some suggested that we continue palliative care at home, others simply could not offer any treatment plan for the boy. 

But we didn’t give up and found a clinic in Turkey, which offered us treatment and gave us hope to win the battle for Laurentiu's life. As a family with a very low income, we cannot afford to cover these expenses. 

Therefore, we sincerely ask you to help us in any way you can so we can offer little Laurentius a chance for a peaceful and healthy future, which every child in this world deserves. 

We would really appreciate any support and/or donations you can afford. Wish you all the best. 

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In how many days was collected 95
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