From the heart to Lidian Miron

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A message from the family: 

We are the Myron family. On January 4, 2021, my son, who is only 14 years old, had his hand caught in an animal food chopper. He received a very serious injury. Unfortunately, the doctors were unable to save his hand. With the help of God and kind people, we bought him a prosthesis for 6,000 euros. But this prosthesis is heavy, it does not have the necessary functions and is supported by a sling behind the back, on the right arm. Due to the silicone on which the prosthesis is worn, scoliosis has formed, it smells bad and is difficult to tolerate. We have a huge request to all people of goodwill to help us purchase a biomechanical prosthesis that is more functional and easy to use, as it performs all the necessary functions, and it will be easier for the boy to use his main hand - he is left-handed. Now the boy is slowly learning to do everything with his right hand. We kindly ask you to help us purchase this prosthesis. We know that there are many kind people in the world and any donation will be appreciated by us and by the holy Lord. 

May God bless you. 

Thank you in advance!

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In how many days was collected 390
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