From the heart to Ludmila Dragan

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A Message from Ludmila:

In early childhood, when I was 4 years old, I received a terrible diagnosis ...followed by many examinations, analyzes, endless procedures ... and sadness in the eyes of my parents ... Afterwards I completed my education, gave birth to two children, whom I really dream of raising in a happy and healthy atmosphere. They are my support ... my joy ... but they suffer a lot, seeing that their mother is always sick and helpless. In 2012, I was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver F4, which gave cardiac complications - pulmonary hypertension. The antiviral drugs didn't help. Now my only chance to live is a liver transplant. Due to complications, I cannot undergo surgery here, in Moldova ... A foreign clinic gave me hope, but this surgery is extremely expensive, especially for me, I work as a teacher in the state education system. The cost of the transplant is USD 58,000.

Please, people with kind hearts, help me save my future and be able to look into my children in the eyes without tears, to see how they grow up!

Thank you for your help and for being there for me!

Campaign began in 27 August 2020
In how many days was collected 159
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