From the heart to Marcela Vinderau

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Age 29 years
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The young woman's message:

Hello, my name is Marcela and I am 29 years old. Many people know me, due to my help to street animals, but the time has come, for me to ask for your help. I suffer from a little known and talked about medical condition - endometriosis and adenomyosis, a chronic condition that gets worse over time and causes a lot of suffering. Many people do not believe in the existence of this disease and think that all this is "only in women's heads." - endometriosis is a disease that is "invisible". For this reason, a woman can suffer for many years until she is correctly diagnosed.
I've tried various hormones and pain relievers, but to no avail: the pain gets worse. Every time I move  my body, it hurts. That is why I require a surgery that could make my life easier. Unfortunately, the sum i have to pay for this surgery is huge for our young family. I need your support and I beg you from the bottom of my heart heart to help me.

Thank you very much!

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