From the heart to Matei Tabac

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A message from his mother:
Matei is 5 years old, soon, in September, he will turn 6. He began the struggle for life from an early age, undergoing several courses of treatment and surgeries. The first diagnosis was made by the Moscow Genetic and Molecular Center - Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome - a rare immunodeficiency disease characterized by bleeding, dermatitis, eczema, and respiratory infections. And now we found out about another terrible diagnostics - Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma - a cancer of lymphatic system. At the moment, our only chance for treatment is a bone marrow transplant, which can be performed only abroad and is very expensive. Forgive me, my child, for showing you to the whole world in this state, but only in this way can people understand all the pain ... despair ... suffering ... hope and faith in a miracle. Now Matei's life depends on a large amount of money and on the prayers of people who believe and help us. Everything that my family has is too little to save my son's and give him a happy childhood. He is too small for such suffering. I hold him in my arms and hope that we will overcome the disease and everything will be fine. I cannot express in words all the pain and sufferings we are going through. My hope is that people with kind hearts will help us. Please help me save my boy from suffering.

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Domnul sa va ajute!!!!
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