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A message from his mom:

Greetings, my name is Diana Turcan, I am the mother of Matei Turcan. Maybe you recognize him, I turned to you for help in February 2020, when he was diagnosed with a bone disease called arthrogryposis of the first, severe degree. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support in those difficult moments. Now we must turn to you for repeated help. Matei requires another surgery, which will also be made in Italy, in Rome. This surgery costs 7 thousand euros and for us it is a huge sum of money, which is far beyond the possibilities of our family. I sincerely ask you to help us once again. We really need the support of generous people. Matei is expected for his second surgery, but, unfortunately, we have no money to pay for it.

Thank you for your support and wish you all the best.  

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