From the heart to Maxim Capacli

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Name Maxim Capacli
Age 4 years
Amount required 60,000 US Dollar
Diagnostic Neuroblastoma

A message from mother:

Hello, we are the Capacli family and we are desperate to ask for help for our 4-year-old son. The boy’s life is in great danger, he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma and the necessary amount for treatment goes far beyond our capabilities. We are desperate and ask for your assistance to save our son. We started the treatment, but, unfortunately, the situation worsened because we had run out of finances. People with kind hearts, I sincerely beg you, Maxim, my son, really needs help. Months of struggle, months of tears and sleepless nights have passed, and the harsh reality is that my son’s life now depends on a certain amount of money. We beg you to help us, do not be indifferent, because we are already tired of these difficulties and are no longer able to cope on our own.

Thank you very much!

Campaign began in 26 September 2019
Days left 46
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Maxim sa fii sanatos si dumnezeu sa te binecuvanteze.
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