From the heart to Mia Siminovici

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A message from mother:

Good day to you all.

We, Alexandru and Mariana Siminovici from Chisinau, are now facing the most terrible thing that could happen in someone's lifeto see how our child is constantly in pain.

Mia, who always has a with a smile on her face, was born with Down syndrome (which was not discovered in the ultrasound we made during pregnancy) and a serious heart problem - Tetralogy of Fallot - a disease that causes breathing problems and oxygen deprivation. Dear people of goodwill, we have a HUGE request to each of you to help us save our girl. They are already waiting for us for an urgent surgery abroad. Unfortunately, as a mother, I cannot accompany my daughter, because I am also hospitalized (after pregnancy, I was diagnosed with a blood disease: Hodgkin's lymphoma). But now we are directing all our thoughts and efforts for the treatment of our daughter, we do everything in our power to save her. We sincerely ask you to help us raise the required sum of money as soon as possible, because the seizures are recurring more and more often. Life has hit both of us hard, but my only desire is to save my little girl.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you all the best!

P.S: at the moment, the family has provided an estimated cost of the operation, because the final sum may vary depending on the examinations that will be carried out additionally.

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