From the heart to Mihail Jigan

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Name Natalia
Age 29 years
Amount required 37,700 US Dollar

Surname: Jigan
Name: Mihail
Age: 29 
Diagnosis: malignant tumor of the rectum
Estimated required amount: $ 15200+17500+5000
Treatment: Turkey

A message from sister:

I have a huge request to all people with kind hearts to help me. At 28 years old, my brother went through terrible moments, he was diagnosed with cancer. Mihail  is from Ialoveni and now requires a surgery in a Turkish clinic. Please, more than ever, I ask you to help, share our story or make a small donation to save my brother's life so that he can see his child growing up.
I beg you to help us, we are all desperate and we pray every day, but, unfortunately, our possibilities are minimal, and we cannot even imagine how to raise such a large amount of money.

Campaign began in 24 December 2018
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