From the heart to Mihail Reaboi

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Name Mihail Reaboi
Age 2 years
Amount required 300,000 US Dollar
Treatment Romania
Diagnostic Spinal amyotrophy, second type

A message from mother:
After I married Andrei, we tried our best to bring a child to this world, it was the most desired gift that we both dreamed about...
Overcoming many obstacles, I risked my own life and brought into this world two wonderful boys. Leonid is 5 years old, and Mihail is only 2 years old. Mihail was born when I was 39 years old, he was born prematurely, but without serious complications, he developed normally, began to speak early, loved to sing - for me his voice was the sweetest in the world! Everything seemed normal until I realized that something was wrong with him, my child could not move normally... when I lifted him, he started to cry in pain, and we tried to figure out what was bothering him. When I noticed that he began to eat and breathe harder, I sounded the alarm.
Surveys in the Republic of Moldova, Russia and Romania showed the same terrible diagnosis - spinal amyotrophy, second type.
Children with this diagnosis usually do not reach maturity, being attacked by the disease, they die as children.
In Moldova, only 3 such cases were registered, of which one child died recently.
A drug that can save us is used only in the EU, it is called Spinraza and its price is huge for us, but we are obliged to do everything in our powers to save our boy, because children are our only wealth and comfort.
I ask you from the bottom of my heart to help my child survive! The life of my little boy is in the hands of people with kind hearts who will read this letter. Any donation is a chance to save our child.

Thank you very much!

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In how many days was collected 1107
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