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Hello. My name is Olga. I have a husband, his name is Michael. And we have two charming daughters, 3 and 5 years old. Starting from 2016 an unpleasant event has occurred within our family. My husband was diagnosed with a tumor in the head. Our best option at the time was to remove tumor by surgery. However, during the operation it turned out that it was impossible to completely remove it, since it was stated to be in brain region that is inaccessible due to how life threatening it is. The fragment that was accessible was deleted, and according to histology tests, my husband was diagnosed with atypical meningioma.

In order to prevent relapse, we were prescribed with 30 sessions of radiation therapy. We lived one and half year of relative peace, until disease has returned and started to grow out of remaining tumor. Surgeons insisted on reoperating my husband, but, unfortunately, doctors in our country do not have the ability and necessary equipment to attempt complete deliverance of the tumor. We consulted with many doctors in our country (Moldova), in Romania, and also in Germany. And we received consent to conduct operations abroad. But even the preliminary amount that was announced isn't anything near what we can afford. We realized that we could not cope. Therefore, we appeal to everyone in the call for help and we will be very grateful in advance to everyone who responds.

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Dragii nostri, in urma discutiei cu sotia, Mihail este dupa operatie. Medicii sunt optimisti cu toate ca nu a fost inlaturata toata tumoarea, insa operatia a decurs cu succes. Acum cu totii asteapta ce vor spune medicii si care va fi cursul tratamentului. Multumim cu plecaciune, Mihail continua sa lupte si sprijinul oamenilor este vital.

Va multumim din suflet!


21 Mar, 2019

Am dat start campaniei