From the heart to Natalia Cristea

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Natalia Cristea, who is 47 years old, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor - glioblastoma. Gliabostomas are one of the most common and malignant brain tumors in adults.

The disease was discovered at the last stage of evolution, and she did not have the opportunity to fight for her life. Once Natalya simply lost consciousness and woke up already in this nightmare. She 
underwent an emergency surgery, it went well, and radiation therapy and chemotherapy seemed to block the tumor. However, everything turned out to be more complicated, suddenly the tumor began to grow even more aggressively than before, so the only way to save her life is an innovative procedure that can be carried out in Germany and which guarantees the possibility of rehabilitation. The estimated amount for nanotherapy is 90,000 euros - this is the cost of living.

We ask all people 
of good will to show compassion for the Cristea family. TOGETHER WE CAN save the life of this young woman who has a great desire to live. Let's save the life of a believing woman who is ready to do anything in her power to defeat this disease and to see her future granddaughter.

A message from Natalia: “I decided to fight - for myself and my family. I have been living this nightmare for one year now. Everything happened so quickly, within one day from a healthy woman I became a weak, sick person, whose life depends on a sum of money that will help me emerge victorious from this fierce battle with death. I ask all people of goodwill, please help me recover, as my days are numbered."

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