From the heart to Pavel Culev

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A message from his family:

Today, Pavel has cystic fibrosis and continues to have constant coughs, with difficult phlegm eliminations, with inability to remove this phlegm from his body, as well as difficulty breathing and severe wheezing, which can be heard without any equipment. A dry night cough causes him a lot of suffering and prevents him from getting enough sleep before school. He doesn’t attend school anymore, because after one week of attendance his condition worsened, a very strong cough appeared, saturation (oxygen in the blood) decreased to 90%, heart rate increased to 135, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa returned – a condition that had been treated previously, for a year and a half.

Pavel Culev lives in Moldova, in the city of Vulcanesti, with his mother, uncle and grandparents. On the 4th day of his life, Pavel and his mother were sent to Chisinau (to the Institute of Mother and Child) with suspicion of a heart defect. It was not confirmed, but they found left-sided pneumonia, which was treated in time. After discharge, for 2 years everything was fine, the child developed well, gained weight, height, there were no deviations. At the age of two, for unknown reasons, a prolapse of the rectum occurred, and after contacting a proctologist at the Institute of Mother and Child, the disease was cured without any surgery, within one year. When his health improved, he went to kindergarten, but frequent it quite rarely, since his immunity was very weak, he was getting ill quite often and we decided to choose homeschooling. At the age of four and a half, the hospital in Vulcanesti suggested that Pavel had cystic fibrosis and was transferred to a hospital in Chisinau (Institute of Mother and Child) to confirm the diagnosis. Unfortunately it was confirmed.

Pavel is fond of music, fishing, loves to draw, build and like all children, he loves cartoons and games. He is also very fond of animals. He dreams of becoming a policeman and says that one day he will help people to maintain order and safety in the city and detain criminals.

We expect from rehabilitation: abundant phlegm production, relief of the respiratory system, as well as an increase in saturation. His life is completely dependent on medications, inhalation devices and devices for excreting phlegm. To effectively cleanse the lungs, doctors recommend a special vibro-system (vest), which is connected to a device that begins to vibrate gradually expelling phlegm from the lungs and which his family cannot afford to buy due to its high cost.

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