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One day has changed his whole life. A teenager from the village Cainarii Vechi, in Soroca district, runs the risk of going blind after swimming. Petru Scutari cannot see with one eye and requires an expensive surgery abroad. He is afraid that the disease may affect the other eye and that he will never see daylight again.

The Scutari family's suffering started this summer when Petru went for a swim. He returned with a terrible ache in his eye that rapidly progressed. A few days later, the boy required medical intervention. Petru dreams of becoming a border guard, but he is afraid that his dream may not come true. He recently underwent surgery on his left eye. Now he is waiting for the doctors' verdict to see if he can make a corneal transplant.

“I was told that it is necessary to wait for the next stage, in three weeks we will remove the threads and see what to do with the transplant, where we will do it. However, the doctors from the eye microsurgery department told me that the surgery can only be done abroad.” says Victoria Scutari, the boy's mother.

Victoria Scutari fears that her son is at risk of losing his eyesight if he is not operated on time. Petru Scutari requires surgery in Turkey, which costs at least 15 thousand euros. The boy's mother is in despair, she doesn’t have the money, and begs us to help her in these difficult times.

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