From the heart to Sergiu Brudari

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Name Sergiu
Amount required 20,000 Euro

  • Surname: Brudari
    • First name: Sergiu
    • Age: 19
    • Diagnosis: infantile cerebral palsy
    • Necessary assistance: the purchase of a house
    • Required amount: € 20,000

    A message from the responsible persons of the Association in Support of Children with Physical Disabilities:

Good afternoon, today we want to tell you the life story of a young man called Sergiu Burdari, who was abandoned at birth. Since then, Sergiu spent his whole life in various temporary accommodation centers. Sergiu survived many physical and mental injuries, he underwent treatment. He grew up to be an extraordinary, kind, cultured and very generous young man. For 18 years, Sergiu had to live in different accommodation centers, but now he has a dream - to have his own home. The word "home", for Sergiu has been replaced by family-type accommodation centers, but now he believes in his dream and we, the representatives of the Association in Support of Children with Physical Disabilities, want to help him and with the help of the God and people of goodwill, we hope it will be possible. He had a tough life, but despite all the difficulties, Sergiu did not lose his optimism. We ask everyone to support the dream of this young man, whose fate was so unfair. He is a wonderful boy who wants to live a quiet life and have his own home. We beg you from the bottom of our hearts to help Sergiu achieve his dream.

Thank you!

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Pentru bunelul căruia ia ars casa din r.Orhei. Să Vă ajute Domnul să Vă faceți o altă căsuță.
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