From the heart to Sergiu Crucerescu

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Name Sergiu Crucerescu
Age 41 years
Amount required 10,450 Euro

Surname: Crucerescu
Name: Sergiu
Age: 41
Diagnosis: Malignant melanoma
required for medications: 10,450 euros
Where to buy: Russia

A message from friends:

Sergiu Crucerescu is 41 years old, he is the father of two little girls who are 17 and 12 years old, he is a wonderful man, a loving father and husband. After numerous examinations, analyzes and consultations, it was confirmed the presence of numerous health problems: Sergiu has skin malignant melanoma and metastases of the cervical lymph node on the left side. Doctors prescribed him treatment with medications that are very expensive and can not be purchased inMoldova. Sergiu must take these medications for at least a year and the amount he has to pay is too large for him and his family. Their income is low, his wife works as a kindergarten teacher, and Sergius is a simple worker. We ask you from the bottom of our hearts to help this man who wants to live and raise his daughters. Without our support, Sergiu will not be able to cope.

From the heart, let's help Sergiu become healthy again.

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