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Good afternoon, my name is Ana, I'm 21 years old. I have two younger sisters. 11 years ago, our mother was deprived of parental rights and each of us, according to documents, has different fathers  ... We do not know any of them. We were taken to an orphanage, where we stayed for five years, after which we were transferred to another, family-type orphanage. A family took care of us there, but, unfortunately, the center closed after a few years. Afterwards, we were taken into another family where we lived for a year, after which my middle sister and I came to study in Chisinau. The youngest stayed with this family. After a year, the family did not want to take care of the younger sister anymore and I started looking for solutions, I needed a flat in order to take my sisters under may tutelage. I got acquainted with a project in support of women and with the help of this project I received an apartment rental agreement (the rent was paid by the project) and I took my sisters to live with me. We lived here for a year, but now we need to look for another apartment. Unfortunately the money that I receive every month from the state is not enough even for my basic needs, I'm not even talking about renting. We decided to ask for your support for us three to buy our own apartment. We sincerely ask you to help us, we will be very grateful for any donation and thank everyone who supported us!

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