From the heart to Sofia Gaina

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Name Sofia Gaina
Age 2 years
Amount required 59,900 Euro
Treatment congenital polycystic liver disease
Diagnostic Turkey

Hello, my name is Cristina, and I write these lines in dismay, with tears in my eyes and with a desperate cry of my soul, which is trembling from pain. My two-year-old girl has gone through terrible life trials ... her life hangs on wire and we are in total desperation. In March, we heard the news that completely changed our lives. Sofia was diagnosed with congenital polycystic liver disease. After that, the doctors decided to perform an emergency surgery, as 5 cysts were identified, and the 6th was drained. We spent 3 weeks in the intensive care unit, these were terrible days ... days that passed like an eternity, when my baby constantly cried in pain. Unfortunately, our situation suddenly worsened, Sofia felt very ill, and after countless examinations, we turned to a foreign clinic. Now they are waiting for us there, our situation is very, very serious, and what scares me most is that the only chance to survive is a liver transplant. I appeal to all people of goodwill, please help me save my baby, we need a huge amount of money that our family is unable to collect. I ask you from the bottom of my heart to help us, any donation can save my little girl. How painful it is to be helpless in this situation, my heart hurts, I would sell my soul to save my daughter, it’s so painful to know that your child’s life depends on a sum of money you don’t where to get. There are so many mothers who are suffering are struggling with these terrible diseases ... I beg you, you are our only hope for the salvation of your daughter.

Thank you for all your support!

Campaign began in 1 July 2019
In how many days was collected 107
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"Suntem gata de zbor, noi venim acasa sanatosi". Sunt cele mai asteptate cuvinte pe care le dorim de la toate familiile, sunt cele mai calde cuvinte pentru ca, stiti, exista un sentiment care nu poate fi inlocuit cu nimic: IMPLINIREA.Dragii nostri, pentru ca atunci cand bunatatea uneste, pentru ca atunci cand bunatatea topeste raul pentru ca atunci cand bunatatea ne face sa fim oameni si face minuni, astazi va zicem cu o mare bucurie, Sofica este acasa, se joaca, se plimba, zburda si se bucura de copilarie. Multumim cu plecaciune pentru tot binele oferit micutei, multumim Domnului ca a vut grija de ea. Multumim medicilor pentru inca un copil salvat. Sofica, zambeste, traieste, respira, alearga, zburda si pur si simplu se bucura de viata pentru ca NE PASA.
Multumim, ingeri pazitori, pentru inca o viata salvata.


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