From the heart to Sofia-Maria Cotorobai

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A message from her mom:

Sofia was born with a large number of fractures, and at that moment, physicians diagnosed her with a rare genetic condition - "Osteogenesis Imperfecta," also known as "brittle bone disease." It manifests in serious fractures with bone deformation from the slightest impact. The disease leads to a severe degree of disability. Over her 13 years of life, Sofia has suffered more than 30 fractures, she spent her entire childhood from cast to cast, from one surgery to another. Only thanks to regular treatment in Moscow, Sofia was able to learn to walk on her own feet with the help of a cane, attending a regular school and not feeling like a "special" child.

Unfortunately, on March 8th, as a result of a fall, Sofia broke her right arm and right leg with severe deformations. Now, in order to walk again and restore the functions of her hand, expensive and urgent surgeries abroad are needed to correct the fractures and strengthen the bones with telescopic rods that can grow with her.

Dear people of goodwill, in our family of doctors, we have three children, and the surgery is beyond our financial capabilities. We sincerely ask you to support us and help us cope with the situation so we can get through this stage full of pain and suffering.

With gratitude, Mother - Natalia!

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