From the heart to Svetlana Stavila

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Age 59 years
Amount required 25,820 Euro

A message from her daughter:


The most precious being in our life is MOM. But, the soul is torn by pain and despair - as my mother was given a shocking diagnosis - CANCER. I beg the whole world to help us raise the necessary funds. Any donation from you is a significant contribution to my mother's recovery. I don't want anyone to experience this pain...

My mother needs expensive treatment in Germany. We're halfway there and we're already over:
8 months of fighting cancer;
6 sessions of radiation therapy;
9 ampoules of immunotherapy;
10 chemotherapy treatments;

WE ALREADY HAVE GOOD RESULTS, but if we do not continue the treatment in Germany, the disease will progress again and all efforts will be in vain!!!

I ask God and all generous people to lend us a helping hand.

My mother has a chance to recover.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Campaign began in 27 March 2023
In how many days was collected 188
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FILIPP ALEXANDR 30 Sep, 2023 21:29
10 MDL
ajutor material pu Stavila Svetlana
FILIPP ALEXANDR 28 Sep, 2023 21:26
10 MDL
ajutor material pu Stavila Svetlana
Anonymous donation 29 Aug, 2023 23:00 3
1,931 MDL
In numele Domnului
Daria Mancovscaia 27 Aug, 2023 16:38 38
Anonymous donation 12 Aug, 2023 21:25 524
1,955 MDL
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15 Nov, 2023
27 Mar, 2023

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