From the heart to Tamara Dobrinin

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Name Tamara Dobrinin
Age 41 years
Amount required 7,750 US Dollar
Diagnostic Malignant tumor

A message from her family:
Dear people of goodwill,
We turn to you for help once again, because only together we can collect the necessary sum and offer Tamara a chance to live.

Tamara is a 41-year-old mother, who has suffered deeply since 2015 when she was diagnosed with retroperitoneal liposomal liposarcoma (malignant tumor). She has already undergone 8 surgeries to remove the tumor that affected her kidney, ovaries, uterus, spleen. The chemotherapy treatments she underwent in our country were ineffective, the tumor returned, and the doctors told us that they could no longer help her. We received positive feedback  in a foreign clinic and thanks to the contribution of people with kind hearts, we were able to raise the necessary sum of money for chemotherapy. But after an examination abroad, a blood clot was found in her leg and the chemotherapy procedure turned out to be contraindicated. Therefore, she underwent two emergency surgeries: one to remove the blood clot and the other to remove the tumor, as it grows rather quickly, affecting various organs. All the money that were raised was spent on these surgeries. Tamara is from a poor family and has a first-degree disability. Chemotherapy is needed to stop the recurrence of the tumor, to enable Tamara to live pain-free and see her little son grow up.

Please, show her that you care by making a small donation!
Now Tamara's life depends on our financial support, because only together we can raise the necessary sum of money.

God Bless You!

Campaign began in 16 July 2021
In how many days was collected 39
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