From the heart to Veaceslav Septelici

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Name Veaceslav Septelici
Age 35 years
Amount required 20,640 Euro
Diagnostic Brain tumor

A message from wife:
Hello, my husband Veaceslav is 35 years old and in June he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, meningioma, II degree. He has already undergone two surgeries, but after several examinations, it was discovered that the tumor did not disappear, in addition, another tumor appeared on the left side, as well as some small dots on the surface of the head. Unfortunately, the situation is very complicated and extremely serious. We received a response from a foreign clinic that in order to stop the tumor, chemotherapy is urgently required  and now every day is important for us. We made thorough examinations, and now we require a huge amount of money. We have two children, a 3-year-old girl and a 4-year-old boy, our incomes are modest, and we cannot cope with this situation on our own. Please, we ask you from the bottom of our hearts, help us save our father, this disease ruined the happiness of our family, we live in fear and despair.
Thank you in advance to everyone who responds to our request! May God bless all healthy and sick people!

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